Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Circuitry failure!

About week ago I came to the dishwasher expecting it to be complete with a wash and saw that it was flashing: ER Clean S Washing Drying

The manual was quite adamant that such an error message meant "Call Frigidaire now". It was a holiday weekend, so I had to wait until Tuesday morning. I did some searching online and found this webpage that suggested that the error was related to steam damage to the main circuit board.

When the service people came on Wednesday (Impressive turnaround) they told me:
  1. Not only was the circuit board bad but so was the touch panel.
  2. Steam probably was the issue.
  3. They would need to order parts
  4. I was out of luck in getting the machine to work until the parts come in.
Not surprisingly, upon hearing that I had $250 in parts needed for a $500 dishwasher that has already had $30 in parts replaced (not including all the service fees), I called back Frigidaire to ask about getting a replacement.

They told me that I need to have one of the following:
  1. Three major failures.
  2. The service people determine that repairs are not cost effective (that's the one I'm shooting for)
We're 8 weeks away from the end of our warranty, so naturally I am a little concerned. After pushing them they decided to consider it to be replaced. I find out tomorrow whether Frigidaire decided to "lemon" my dishwasher.

In the meantime while I wait for their verdict, in the next post I'll expand on this post and explain why potential Frigidaire dishwasher buyers should beware.


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