Monday, June 1, 2009

Success! (I hope)

I had the pleasure of speaking with a representative from Frigidaire today and got the news I was hoping for. Frigidaire will completely "refund" our dishwasher by sending Best Buy (where I bought it) a voucher for a dishwasher replacement.

So, I call up Best Buy and was told that our voucher has not hit Best Buy's system yet. Once it does, I can then go in and decide which model to choose from. I was told that Best Buy's policy is to replace the appliance with one that offers the most similar features for the price paid, however more and more people are having warranty issues and are demanding that if they have a store credit, then they should be able to choose whatever model of the appliance they'd want - and if it costs more than the replacement, then they'll pay the difference. Store manager mentioned that they'll be flexible with the in-store credit as long as a dishwasher of some sort is purchased. Could take upwards of a week for the voucher to be read in Best Buy's system.

So now I wait...patiently. Choices choices - what dishwasher to choose as a replacement?


  1. I am on my 2nd Frigidaire in 4 years. The one I have now is on the blink. What am I supposed to do now. Out of warranty. This will continue. I have a bright shiny hunk of crap in my kitchen. Great.

  2. I have the same steam damage problem with my cabinets, but the dishwasher is still working. I recently called Frigidaire, and they said they were going to send me some paperwork in 7-14 days. Could you describe step-by-step how you got your voucher?

  3. Monty,

    This was the second time that I had somebody come out to fix the dishwasher (First time was a leak). The service person said that it needed a new control board and touch pad. He did want to repair it but I used his report to argue the case with Frigidaire that it was cheaper to replace the unit (Which is probably true - those parts total a few hundred dollars + labor).

    Frigidaire chose the easy option to replace it. I don't think I would have gotten a voucher had the dishwasher not needed $400+ of repairs.

  4. Did you get your replacement dishwasher yet?

  5. Not only did we get the replacement dishwasher, we had to get a replacement for the replacement a few days ago. The original replacement was still under the 45-day return guarantee (thank you Best Buy Silver Reward Zone), so after many discussions with the store, it was agreed to get a new replacement.

    Best Buy was on the ball with making sure we were satisfied customers. So, our only complaint is that we might have been given a faulty new dishwasher in the beginning. At the moment, the newest replacement is working fine.

  6. Thank you for your blog. We almost bought this dishwasher because it is on clearance for $449 at our local best buy. Now we know why!

  7. We have been dealing with our Gallery series dishwasher mot drying the dishes all the waytthrough sinc we bought it almost a year ago. It doesn't seem to vent properly as our old one did. Can anyone give us suggestions? Thanks!

    1. I bought a condo with a NEW Frigidaire dishwasher. Probably the cheapest one available, so this may or may not apply to you: The cheap Frigidaire does NOT HAVE A VENT. The front panel looks like it has a vent, but the inner panel does not.